Career Reboot…Where do I Fit?

Career Reboot…Where do I Fit?

Who am I?…what do I really love and want to do? How did I get to where I am now? But I’ve changed, haven’t I?…So where do I go from here?

Defining yourself is an ongoing life process of personal experience, including family expectations and behavior, the ideals and values of parents, influences of friends made and friends lost, and work and social experiences.

You cannot work for false reasons and stay mentally happy and alive. It is only your insight, dreams, and the ability to find the meaning in your daily work that satisfies the heart, soul, and psyche. No one else can plan your path or find the right employment. It is a process of evolution throughout your life.

Lifespan development is a process we all go through forever. This is why people will find they are unhappy, bored, or tired of what they have been doing and wonder what’s wrong. Today, more than any time in the past, we have to adapt to a world ever-changing at an accelerated pace and demanding a “career reboot” many times throughout our lives.

We continually re-evaluate our lives based on changes in personality, education, experiences, successes and failures, and both conscious and unconscious motivations. This is what is meant by psychodynamics; the repeating process of social and spiritual metamorphoses. Happiness depends on how well you can satisfy the desires and needs for feelings of well-being. “Know thy self” is the beginning of finding work/career fit.

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