Possibilities Abound Just Down the Road

Possibilities Abound Just Down the Road

Quite often, especially in this time of Covid, I find myself compressed by the aberrant events and news media’s coverage of their “opinion” of the ensuing consequences. By compressed I mean losing my positivity and the “imagining” that keeps in abeyance the excitement of the future at the forefront of my usually happy awareness.

At times like these I need a mental space to buttress feelings of impending doom that the future looks dim and bleak. After all, we all like to breathe deeply when our chest gets tight and when anxiety begins encroaching on serenity. I am not one to wait for an answer to a problem, so, instead of accepting the societal dilemma, I create my own helpful awareness through a deep dive into my emotions and feelings.

Until you can accept situations that bother you and, instead of running away, turn around to confront your thoughts and “make friends” with what is different, you cannot resolve your situation…thus, as I started this with, compression, and negative emotions can lead to depression.

I remediate with a “road trip,” not driving, but walking on a quiet, and secluded path along my street. Looking down the road I can see clearly what is near me, but as I look farther, the less I can accurately assess the situation. Well, “isn’t life just like that?” In the distance, I can only surmise what I see, so it’s incumbent on my own mind to project the future. After a period of time my sense of urgency, my sense of urgency, my negative thoughts, and the feelings of compression begin to loosen and I generate my own positive possibilities.

For every negative, there is always a positive. For every up, there is a down. For every dark, there is a light.  Without opposites neither could exist! So I’m relaxed on my walk knowing there are always degrees of each. I chose to see the “positive possibilities.” I can control things close to me but like the road I’m walking on , perhaps not as much as I look father into the future. With those thoughts, as I walk down the “road of life”, I can imagine a future that shows promise and a myriad of “positive possibilities.”

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