Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

Personal Perspectives On Global Society:

When we begin to feel skeptical about the integrity of societal behavior, and a feeling of an impending misdirection of political and military decision-making, it’s time to consult our subtle intuition.

Integrity, kindness, and the concern for the global well-being of our “little blue planet” takes a different place in the hierarchy of concerns as we navigate through the passing stages of life. A child is oblivious. An adolescent needs information and guidance. Most mature adults have overriding responsibilities at this life stage, and a senior has the experiences, memories, and time to contemplate and generate questioning.

Nations of Influence – Commonalities:

Looking back over a thousand years of the ethical failures, aggressiveness, and greed of every human race on the planet, I can only wonder about the sanity and future of our species. In considering the foremost influential nations in history (1600s through 2000s) on our global society, I include the Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, British, Japanese, German, Russian, and American nations. China is only now beginning their turn at ascending into this group; albeit in a world where poor cybersecurity can allow bad actors to take down a nation, AI technology is outperforming the human mind and military actions can now destroy the planet in a blink of the eye.

However, It’s my suggestion that every culture worldwide has the same fears and misgivings about our global plight. War, pandemic disease, global warming, fires, economic instability, and hate, all factor into generating a vague collective feeling.

Q & A For Humanity’s Future:

So, how do we move this collective consciousness toward awareness that we all live on a very small and fragile rock in the middle of nowhere … that we are all finite beings with a short lifespan … and that every action reverberates throughout the world and exponentially affects every other person and their progeny on this planet? With global technology, we are now only a light speed click away from one another.

When and how will every human being begin to feel the presence of this collective consciousness and act in the best interest of every person, family, friend, acquaintance, and enemy? We have voices for change and the need to live our lives and expand our thinking for the global good. Both are necessary for the continued survival of the species.

How can we develop a future vision that will allow us to incorporate an entirely nonjudgmental view of what’s wrong into our decisions? Why do we feel uneasy as we process the impact of events that we see in the media, a subtle feeling that we continue to make the same mistakes? What will it take to wake up and begin turning our global direction through a collective mind?

This “rethinking” is a major paradigm shift where we begin to treat our neighbors as ourselves, to share our global abundance throughout the world for mutual good. And finally, we will begin communicating through dialogue with one another to accept our differences, search to find similarities as global members of the same species and listen deeply to the soft and subtle background noise that is our collective consciousness.

Read the Walls to Bridges: The Global Ethic by Hans Küng for more exploration of this topic!

About The Author:

Greg McCarthy, MBA, M.Ed. Greg is a former corporate CEO, Military Aviator and Airline Transport Pilot, and a Purple Heart -Vietnam Veteran is a practicing Buddhist, a follower of Thich Nhat Hanh, a singer/guitarist and writer, and champion for dialogue and world peace. He holds degrees from Villanova and Temple Universities in Business, Marketing, and Education

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