Love or Perish – A Review of Harold Kasimow’s Soon to be Published Book

Love or Perish – A Review of Harold Kasimow’s Soon to be Published Book

To pre-order Harold Kasimow’s new book, click on: Love or Perish – A Holocaust Survivor’s Vision for Interfaith Peace.

How Does This New Book Relate To Our Current Society?

Harold Kasimow knows just how frail and fragile our human species “love thy neighbor as thyself” norms and mores can be in a conflicted society. In such a society, when tested, egos will serve their own needs unhesitatingly. He also has witnessed the insanity that ensues when we fail to see and respect the divinity that we each hold in our souls.

His book “Love or Perish” will rock your beliefs and pull the floor out from under you as he challenges our naive assumptions that “this evil….will never happen again.” He is a firsthand witness to what happens when our consciously controlled behavior is mortally threatened by humanity’s hate, greed, and moral degradation.

Harold has dedicated his life to spreading hope and goodwill through inter-religious active grassroots dialogue. His life and that of his family was “shaken to the depths of Hell” by his experiences of living with the insanity of the Holocaust. In the aftermath, if there can be an endpoint to define, Harold, along with colleagues, question the very meaning and purpose of God. They ask why did this happen? And, why was there no alleviation of misery or recompense for these atrocities? The massive human devastation and intense emotions rattle even the strongest elements of faith in the mind of believers.

Will we ever get answers?

Only together, through love, compassion, and a genuine trusting exchange in deep dialogue, (see Professor Len Swidler’s The Power of Dialogue: The Jewish-Christian-Muslim Agreement and Collaboration) will we begin to change to a recognition of togetherness and interdependence. Now, more than ever, we must educate ourselves to the necessity for global cooperation of all races and religions to save our world from annihilation.

Harold has seen and felt societal insanity and, understanding that no religion is an island, is indeed moving all of us, slowly and together like a container ship, in the only direction that will avoid a repeat of history and save our species.

You can view Harold Kasimow’s Yom talk for the Jewish Federation of Peoria on Facebook here (please note that there is a lengthy musical introduction. Go to 00:15:28 for the beginning of the talk if you just want to hear the spoken part of the presentation):

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