We Can Build a Bridge Between Walls: It’s Possible!

We Can Build a Bridge Between Walls: It’s Possible!

This is a review of the book Walls to Bridges: The Global Ethic, by Hans Küng.

Hans Küng was, and is, a “thinker of possibilities.” He had a vision of peace in the world that many feel is impossible or even unthinkable.  His tenacity resembles that of Baltazar Gracián, a 16th century Jesuit priest, philosopher, and educator. Gracián, too, stood by his belief in a universal ethic despite powerful religious push-back and ostracizing. Hans’ intellect and vigilance has foreshadowed many of today’s societal problems.

Reading Walls to Bridges offers a glimpse into a world melded together through kindness, understanding, and of course, love. Hans’ concept of the Global Ethic does not circumvent religious dogma but calls for dialogue that would create a world peace through acceptance of differences and a mutual commonality.  Certainly, a great mind of the 19th and 20th centuries and a forefather of changes being sought by The Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Find Walls to Bridges: The Global Ethic by Hans Küng here at iPub.

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