Beyond the Veil of Fate
Beyond the Veil of Fate

Beyond the Veil of Fate

  • Paperback



by Kevin Nichols and Marianne Nichols

Beyond the Veil of Fate graces its readers with love reflected in verse and art. Kevin and Marianne are the family members of a brilliant little girl, and the reader can feel her presence within the words and artwork in this parable.

Join them as they share the tale of the metaphorical veil we all carry from birth and the bittersweet evolution of warmth and security as we age.

Are we built within the environment provided to us, or do our choices forge us as we are responsible for ourselves?

Kevin Nichols’ prose and open philosophies paint pictures that whisper of his home, his love of teaching, and engaging in an honest exchange of ideas. Marianne Nichols’ watercolor artwork flows in colorful streams of dreams and reality. Living in Turkey, surrounded by ancient cities, the exotically-spiced Slik Road, Cleopatra’s warm spring pools, Cotton Castles, fairy chimneys, and diverse faiths celebrated in exquisitely sculpted ageless churches, Kevin and Marianne share a fantasy flavored with the meaning of life and mutual understanding.