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Letter 6: Jesus was a Rabbi-OMG!
Letter 6: Jesus was a Rabbi-OMG!

Letter 6: Jesus was a Rabbi-OMG!

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by Leonard Swidler, PhD (Grandfather)

Jesus, a Christian Man of Action? Maybe yes? Maybe no? Who was he really?
Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi, a teacher of the Jewish faith. He was respected for his knowledge of the Torah. Many people forget or choose to forget that he was a man of action, not a man of writing or of letters.
Opa continues to explore these very important questions, assisting Will as she discovers the real story behind Jesus, girls, and Rabbis. Will continues to explore this often misunderstood question…helping her discover the real story behind Jesus…his relationship to Rabbis, the sacred books, and women.
Professor Leonard Swidler, author of more than 100 books has explored important questions with many other professors across the world. Now, with his 15-year old granddaughter, Will, he explores deep human issues with thoughts and words from an experienced grandpa to his open-eyed, open-hearted granddaughter.
Professor Swidler is a global theologian who has pioneered and contributed to the field of interfaith dialogue for more than 50 years. He is a professor religion at Temple University since 1966 and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies and the founder of the Dialogue Institute. His proposed interfaith dialogue, The Dialogue Decalogue, has been translated into numerous languages and is described as the most convincing theoretical basis for conducting dialogue.