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Why (Not) Me? Searching for God When We Suffer

Why (Not) Me? Searching for God When We Suffer

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ISBN: 978-1948575683

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“This is a story of enduring friendship and devastating illness, but also of repair, renewal, and the power of love to illuminate the miracle of ordinary life.”
—Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Author of How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick

As Eugene J. Fisher, Distinguished Professor of Theology at Saint Leo University, remarks, this “very moving book” provides insights into “how Jewish traditions have helped Jews survive tragedies over the centuries and today.”

Delve into an emotionally charged journey with Rabbi Hirshel Jaffe, supported by the unwavering presence of Rabbi James Rudin and Marcia R. Rudin, in this revitalized edition of their groundbreaking narrative. Traverse the challenging terrains of Hirshel’s fierce face-off with hairy cell leukemia, a journey that is as much about confronting physical torment as it is about wrestling with existential and spiritual quandaries that resonate deeply with our shared human experience.

Explore the deep wisdom faith offers when facing a medical crisis. Through Hirshel’s eyes—as not just a patient but also a rabbi tasked with consoling others—you’ll grasp the enduring and transformative power of belief, especially in the darkest times.

Another cancer warrior, Jonathan D. Sarna, a noted professor at Brandeis University, connects with the book’s raw experience of what living with cancer means. He adds, “Since the authors have now survived into their eighties, it fills me with hope.”

The authors and their loved ones have weathered storms of their own, accentuating the book’s universal resonance. This edition further inspires with thoughtful reflective questions composed to surface awareness, alternative thinking, and action.

The essence of this book surpasses eras and societal evolutions. Hirshel’s contemplations on life, mortality, and faith continue to touch souls, offering a balm for life’s daunting trials. Why (Not) Me? serves as a timeless lantern for all navigating our personal tempests.

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Why (Not) Me? Searching for God When We Suffer

Hirshel Jaffe, Marcia R. Rudin, and James Rudin

Rabbi Hirshel Jaffe, recipient of the Presidential “Award of Courage” by Ronald Reagan, has survived cancer five times. Rabbi Jaffe’s motto has fittingly always been “NEVER GIVE UP!” And his inspiring story will undoubtedly stay with you forever.

Marcia R. Rudin is a writer and playwright who has authored novels such as "Flower Toward the Sun" and "Hear My Voice," and co-authored books including "Why Me? Why Anyone?" and "Prison or Paradise? The New Religious Cults." Marcia’s articles have been featured in publications like The New York Times and Newsweek.

Rabbi James Rudin joined the American Jewish Committee in 1968 and served as Director of National Interreligious Affairs from 1983 to 2000. In 2022, he received the papal knighthood of the Order of St. Gregory from Pope Francis for his contributions to Jewish-Christian dialogue. Rabbi Rudin is also known for authoring impactful books such as "The People in the Room" and "The Baptizing of America."