Yeshua: Jesus the Jew a Model for Everyone
New cover of the book, Yeshua Jesus the Jew A Model for Everyone

Yeshua: Jesus the Jew a Model for Everyone

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by Leonard Swidler

In deed Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua) is a model for everyone.

Rabbi Yeshua, the religious Jew who walked this earth two thousand years ago, is presented anew through the refracting lenses of the four gospels and the picture of the dynamic, turbulent, then-contending various ‘Judaisms’ (plural intended) of his time. In presenting this emergent image of Yeshua: Jesus the Jew a Model for Everyone, now in its third edition, Leonard Swidler speaks as a modern Christian theologian— not so much about Christ, but about the historical Jesus, or rather, Rabbi Yeshua ha Notzri (Rabbi Jesus the Nazorean). Dr. Swidler presents a timeless model for how to live today a full human life by taking on responsibility for the oppressed of society, breaking through anti-feminine stereotypes, living an “androgynous” model; for all (not just Christians) to follow.

This very readable book provides a world-acclaimed biblical scholar’s introduction to recent biblical research into the Jewishness of Jesus as a model to follow today—and tomorrow!

After reading this book, whether you are a convinced Christian, a ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ person, or even someone unaffiliated, you will learn what the famous Rabbi Yeshua “thought, taught, and wrought” which makes eminently good sense for yesterday and today, and presents a deeply meaningful, timeless model to follow!

You will find yourself amazed when you find the biggest secret hidden in plain sight.

This book will:

    • Help you relate to your Jewish neighbors and friends

    • Learn and be surprised that most Christians practice a variation of Judaism

    • Reveal specifically what Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua) is really about!